Happy New Year & Youtube

2019. Can you believe it? I still remember ringing in the year 2000, watching the festivities on our boxy, coloured television, with our gangly rabbit ears attached. It still amazes me that all of the kids that are now, currently in public school AND high school, weren't even born yet. Another marker for the year 2000, was how much it was talked about, being the year the world would, 'explode'. Or, 'implode', or perhaps both of those... and something with computers. I WAS only 11 after all. People expected big things to occur, that we can safely say, did not. January 1st came like it did every other year, and then in the year 2001, 2002, and so on. All the way to 2019. I suppose good or bad, there's just something in us that want's to believe in, and anticipate big things. Perhaps not big, but new things that produce better things, within us and for us. This hasn't changed, at least in my short lifetime. The more I think about it... aren't we made to long for the new? Aren't we created with a deep longing and hope that there's something more?  Something that will give meaning to another year, that will inevitably come and go like all the others?

This is why I am thankful for Jesus.

Thankful for what was accomplished, so that we can stare each new year in the face, and know that in Him, there will always be change - in us - because He is faithful. There will always be newness, because He is ALWAYS redeeming, and there will always be hope, because He is ALWAYS here! Amen! This year, in 2019, I have decided that my main 'goal' is to cling to this truth. All my sub-goals, fall underneath it, and thus, any feeling of 'failure' get's over ridden by The main truth.

This year, I have decided to put more time into my YouTube channel. There has been such a growing desire in me to share the gospel, and to use music as a means for this. We all have such an amazing opportunity in the 21st century to say whatever we want, to the world! Sadly, we've seen this abused more than we'd like to admit... but what if we used this tool to share truth? What if we shared things that encouraged and edified? This is my hope! Would you pray for me? That I don't waiver from this desire? 

Near the end of 2018, I asked my Facebook Page followers to help me reach 100 followers on YouTube before 2019... and wow... they delivered! If you were apart of making that happen, thank you!! 

Would you like to help me reach 1000 this year? You can do this by clicking HERE and subscribing:)

Honest Music

I’ve sat in on many sessions on songwriting. I’ve been in a co-write. I’ve written alone. I’ve been in a ‘group-write’... one thing becomes clear every single time... you just can’t write well, if you haven’t been somewhere, or experienced what it is you’re trying to communicate. It doesn’t flow, and often times, people can see ‘write’ through it (see what I did there?). So why do we still try, as people, to be anything, or anyone, other than who God made us to be? When it comes to music, I have often wrestled with this truth when writing. After hearing someone else’s ‘cool tune’, it can be easy to despise where God has taken me, and long to be where He has taken someone else. But it never produces the honest, and real fruit that searching people crave. Let’s let other people tell their own story, and let’s not try to tell their story for them. Be who God has made YOU to be. Write what God has done in YOUR life. It is in my short years if experience, that that is what people want. Authenticity.

This is the basis for my music. My honest attempt at authenticity and portraying my stories, and my relationship with a real God, that I hope listeners can relate too. Trying hard not to be fake. Praying hard to a real God, to make it happen.

I hope you enjoy what you hear!