AMY USHERWOOD - musically known as Amy Dagenais - is a wife, daughter, sister, singer-songwriter, graphic designer, and entrepreneur. Amy grew up, surrounded by creativity in her family, whether it was through her parents own music ministry, or her father’s multi-talented skills in the visual arts. After attending Hillsong International Leadership College, in 2006 where she studied guitar, and became the Creative Arts Director for the churches large high school ministry - Wildlife - she returned to Canada, and quickly became a part of her local churches worship team, lending her natural rhythm to percussion using Djembe, and Cajon. In 2013, Amy recorded her first EP with producer Sebastian Demrey, called No Ladders, which garnered 3 GMA Nominations for Folk Song of the Year, Folk Album of the Year and New Artist of the Year. In 2015, she returned to studio to record her single Keeping With You, which also earned a GMA nomination for Folk Song of the Year. Her latest single Shake the Dust, was released in late 2018.

Amy has spent a lot of her life learning what it means to be a creative, in both the visual world and in music, and has come to the conclusion that what we do, must be second to our identity in Jesus Christ. She is passionate in visual design, to help others - especially the church - to communicate the gospel with professional and effective graphics that speak to the current culture without compromising.